Saturday, 13 December 2008

Things That Make Me Laugh

I thought I would put up some things that have been making me smile/laugh hysterically this week.

Firstly comics from Pictures for Sad Children... this guys always has me in stitches!

Hahahahaha someone is totally gonna try slap me for that one.

Cheese factory....
The apartment that eats girls.... genius.

And this video makes me almost fall off my chair laughing!

Hope i made you smile! :)
Love & kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

Monday, 8 December 2008

Racing Day Love

Ben & I in the stands

My gorgeous darling friends Suzie & Georgie, who you will remember as my party planners, decided to hold their joint birthday party at the races! We were there a couple days after Melbourne cup so it was pretty full & all the fashionistas of Sydney were out in force!

Ben, Ben, Me & Suzie! If you look closely you can see that i have three drinks in my hands... Its not my fault everyone kept buying me one and i suddenly realised i had too many to hold! (so i was generous and gave them away! hahaha)

We spent many weekends in preparation & shopping for that perfect races outfit. I already had a dress that I was dying to take out on the town so I just needed a great hat & some fabulous shoes (and a couple odds and ends to complete it) and I was good to go!
I had such a great time. We spent the day with friends sipping champagne ever so elegantly in the stands, only stopping our chitter chatter and laughter every half hour or so to watch the horses go by.

Suzie & I on Ben's balcony - seriously, this is the view from his apartment! I have a bit of double-chinage going on but i love it! hahaha

After a very civilized day, a few of us carried on into the night.. well, it was more like the late morning! Either way, high five to Suzie & Georgie for a cracking birthday party!

Suzie & I

We met this guy at like 3am when Ben and I were the only ones left standing. This guy made me laugh so hard I just had to take a picture! My friend the next day was like "who's the guy in the helmet?" and Ben goes "there was a guy in a helmet! why didn't you tell me???" note to Ben - you took the picture crazy man!

The next day Ben & I went to the Newtown festival and nursed our hangovers sitting on the grass in the sun & eating gozleme. BEST.......HANGOVER..............CURE...........EVER! Hahaha.

On our way to the festival... looking a tad puffy eyed!

There were awesome stalls and I was about two millimetres away from getting my face painted like spider man but the line was huge and gozleme was calling me....

The festival - before it got way packed (facing away from the stages)
Anyway, that's was the eventful weekend that welcomed in Suzie & Georgie's 23rd year. Oh and i swear i will eventually get a better camera! one day... hehehe
Love & kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

Sunday, 7 December 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

Its the time of year when everyone is buzzing around trying to figure out who wants what for Christmas. Well, while I will probably ask for practical stuff like a rice cooker (For some reason, cooking rice is a skill that eludes me!) what I really want is.....

Drop earrings turquoise & purple Turquoise Cabochon & Amethyst Cabochon Drop Earring; Pink & purple shoes Purple Amber Platform by Georgina Goodman from; Hello Kitty Ring Hello Kitty Glam Ring at Bag Borrow or Steal™; Boom box bag Dollydagger;
Blue, clear & purple bangles
Andrew Hamilton Crawford Set of 3 Bubble Bangles at Bag Borrow or Steal™; Lace Fan Lace Fan - Bridal Accessories : - Designer Fascinator Hats and Hair Fascina...; Pearl Corsage Miss Selfridge - Flower Corsage Pearls Bracelet; Green apple ring Dollydagger; Purple button earrings & ring; An ice cream sundae!; Dell laptop in Flamingo Pink; Gold & purple bangles eShakti - Designer Tops, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Yogawear, Caftans; I love me top (we all need a bit of self love now and then!) Garage; Blue crystal necklace; Bright blue belt; Top shop skirt Topshop - Plain Tier Mini Skirt; Top shop piano clutch Topshop - Piano Keys Long Purse; Butterfly hair clips - Accessories - Hats / Hair - 1053604412; Cupcake earrings Juicy Couture Shop Online Accessories & Jewelry Women Jewelry; Diasy (which is my current perfume & I LOVE it! DAISY - Women's Perfume - Discount Designer Fragrance Online - The Perfume...; Red Love heart bag The Fashion Police: Ugly shoes, bags and prom dresses; Bright feather earrings yhst-50958542405417_2019_2383939874 (JPEG Image, 400x600 pixels).

What are all of you asking for this Christmas?

Love & kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

On My Bedside Table.....

Alright, so here is the wrap up of the books on my bedside table at this very moment... But as promise dto Ladybreeze I will be adding a Terry Pratchett this week... I love broadening my written horizons! Maybe i'll add something festive too :) tis the season!

~Across the Wall – Garth Nix.
I cant provide much feed back on this one as I literrally started it today and havnt even gotten past the preface! Basically, it is a collection of short stories with a few of them relating to his Old Kingdom Trilogy which I started reading a couple years ago. Fingers crossed its a goodie!

~Poirot the French Collection – Agatha Christie.
I know, I know... But she's written so many books that I will have to have one on my bedside table for the rest of my life just to get through them all! Hahaha

~Nostradamus, The Complete Prophecies for the Future- Mario Reading.
I've been reading this book in bits and pieces for a few years now. Mostly because im an ancient history buff more than wanting to know what the future holds. But hey, I love a good conspiracy theory!

On my lap right now: Delicious Magazine and i'm savaging it with a blade by cutting out my favourite recipes to stick on my fridge... K's Aunty Marie would slap me if she knew I was doing it!

In my DVD player: Hairspray

Love & kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx