Sunday, 7 December 2008

On My Bedside Table.....

Alright, so here is the wrap up of the books on my bedside table at this very moment... But as promise dto Ladybreeze I will be adding a Terry Pratchett this week... I love broadening my written horizons! Maybe i'll add something festive too :) tis the season!

~Across the Wall – Garth Nix.
I cant provide much feed back on this one as I literrally started it today and havnt even gotten past the preface! Basically, it is a collection of short stories with a few of them relating to his Old Kingdom Trilogy which I started reading a couple years ago. Fingers crossed its a goodie!

~Poirot the French Collection – Agatha Christie.
I know, I know... But she's written so many books that I will have to have one on my bedside table for the rest of my life just to get through them all! Hahaha

~Nostradamus, The Complete Prophecies for the Future- Mario Reading.
I've been reading this book in bits and pieces for a few years now. Mostly because im an ancient history buff more than wanting to know what the future holds. But hey, I love a good conspiracy theory!

On my lap right now: Delicious Magazine and i'm savaging it with a blade by cutting out my favourite recipes to stick on my fridge... K's Aunty Marie would slap me if she knew I was doing it!

In my DVD player: Hairspray

Love & kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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