Saturday, 7 February 2009

You Tube Fun

OK, whenever my friend Sam comes over he always shows me some new You Tube videos that he's found & they ALWAYS have me on the floor with laughter.

These ones are our favourites & I've been meaning to put them for ages! So here they are... but be warned... they contain many sexual references :S hahahaha. Coincidentally they both have Justin Timberlake in them :)

Firstly - Jizz in my pants.... god i love this one!!!

And secondly, Dick in a box. Seriously, I was crying with laughter when I saw this & just could not get the tune out of my head for a week!

I have loads more to put up but I'll space them out... I'd hate for you all to jizz in your pants :)

Love & kisses on both cheeks,

Sunny xxx

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