Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Art of Burlesque

I absolutely adore burlesque and generally any old world style glamour, so I was sooooo excited when my friend Kylie told me she is having a burlesque themed birthday party!
Needless to say I have been racking my brain inside out as to what I'm going to wear! My problem is more that I have too many ideas rather than too few.... so i thought i would share some of the pictures that i am using as my main influences. Not sure what burlesque is? Wiki will tell you!

Some things in burlesque are compulsory - such as gloves, feathers and a feisty attitude...

Seriously, how cute is this girl! I think she is absolutely adorable! & i love her top hat...

So here is are a couple examples of giant feather fans... i wonder where you get them? I may have to make my own. They make me think of girls dripping in diamonds hiding behind large, soft and feathery fans... what man could resist that huh!

Let me know what your burlesque ideas are!
Super Love,
Sunny xxx

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