Monday, 29 June 2009

A Final Farewell

Rest In Peace
Robert (Bob) John Spiteri
30th October 1928 - 16 June 2009

Here is a poem written about Bob, my grandfather, a man i love with all my heart & every fibre of my being.

The Cattle Whisperer

Take me to a place where the eagles glide
And the cattle run at a call, to be by your side.

They know their names and Bob's gentle touch,
The bread that he brings is never too much.
They hear the bike and a yodelling call.
They eagerly come running
There is bread for them all.
The cows and the bull and a gelding bay
All make sure that some comes their way.
They cluster around for a word and a pat
They love my grandfather, I'm sure of that.
Then its back to the creek
Where the pelicans glide,
Fishing with their babies by their side.

The eagles soar and the creek gently flows
Alive with fish and crabs, that's how it goes.

His favourite of all waits for him there
Its not Blue his cattle dog who sits by his chair,
Its Beverley his wife,
So beautiful and fair.

Grand pop, to me you were a lighthouse, illuminating & showing me the right way. You are the star in the fondest memories of my life.
I will miss you. Always.
I will never forget.

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