Sunday, 12 October 2008

On My Bedside Table.....

As those of you who know me are aware, I LOVE reading. I get fully engrossed in a book (or several) and cannot put it down till im done. So here is a list of the books currently on my bedside table:

~ The Complete Battles of Hasting Volume 1- Agatha Christie
What can i say? Im a sucker for Hercule Poirot! He would bethe first person on my list of "If you could pick anyone, who would you pick to have dinner with?" followed by his creator Agatha Christie - she is a pure genius born in an era of femal suppression.

~ The Clarkson Collection - Jeremy Clarkson
You may know Jeremy from Top Gear. K is car mad and watches it religiously. So when i saw his book at the airport (one of my many trips interstate!) I couldnt pass it up. It was riddiculously cheap, only AU$17.00 on sale. It is a collection of his three books which are in turn a collection of his work from his colum in The Sunday Times (UK).

On my lap right now: The most recent Donna Hay magazine.

Whats in my DVD player: The Vicar of Dibley -The Immaculate Collection

Love & Kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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