Sunday, 25 May 2008

B's House Warming Cupcakes - made from leftovers :)

These are the cupcakes i made to take to work tomorrow. They were leftovers from Pamela's order and i was sitting here thinking: "How on earth do I get rid of these?" and voila, B from work is moving house this weekend.... I'll give her the cupcakes! mwahahahahaha.....
Anyway they are vanilla butter cake topped with a layer of chocolate icing and then vanilla icing piped onto them. I was also trying to use up the rest of my icing! Then topped with the remaining blue white chocolate stars.
They turned out pretty well considering they are leftovers :) If only all my leftovers were as pretty!
Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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GirlPaint said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmm. Cupcakes. My favorite. These are so pretty. Perfect for spring. From scratch are the best, too.

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