Saturday, 24 May 2008

My First Catering Job! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Well this week Pam from work asked me to cater for a baby shower she is throwing. I was honestly taken aback! I have no formal training other than a Creative Cake Design class i took at school for a couple years (i went to a creative arts school which gives you an extra 3 classes per week called 'Nova'). Anyway after i gave her some options she chose a double/triple decker cake and a batch of cupcakes. The only specifications were that the cake had to say "Tina and Vik's Baby Shower" or "Baby Shower".

This is the triple decker cake.Here is the lay out:

~First Layer - Chocolate Mud
~Chocolate Icing
~Second Layer - White Chocolate Mud
~Vanilla Icing
~Third Layer - Chocolate Mud

Then i covered all of it in chocolate icing.

I was nervous about the writing, as i don't have the best piping script, so i decided to do it in white chocolate. I piped the chocolate onto a piece of baking paper with a piping bag using a small writing nozzle. The hearts were a practice go with the piping bag to see how it would turn out, obviously it turned out well and i ended up using them! (and eating one :) ).

I let the icing set in the fridge overnight before i piped the border and stuck the letters on. I could have made it smoother but decided a few strokes here and there can hide any movement when placing the letters and hearts on the icing.

Cupcakes!! Here are the blue and white cupcakes. Both are vanilla icing. I piped the icing on all the cupcakes using a star nozzle. i decorated them with:

~White chocolate stars (i coloured them with some blue chocolate powder when cooking them)
~Blue Sparkle Sugar
~White Sprinkles
~White Sugar Paste Bows
~Yellow and White Sugar Paste Ducklings - although they look more like birds :S

The white and pink pallet - my personal favourite :) Again vanilla icing, decorated with:

~White Sugar Paste Bows
~Yellow and White Sugar Paste Ducklings
~White Sprinkles
~Pink Sparkle Sugar
~Pink Cachous

Here is a close up of the pink pallet.... see what i mean about the ducklings? I think the beaks aren't big enough. Either way they are cute!

I love the colour of the white chocolate stars. They really came out gorgeous and took like ten second to make - literally! Oh and FYI the cupcakes were Vanilla Butter Cake.

The Sugar Paste Bows are better in real life as they are sparkly and looked very formal and pretty at the same time.

I felt bad that she gave me money for it as i absolutely LOVED making them, I am a cake decorating-aholic. I would do it every day if i could!

So who knows, this may be the start of a change in career! Stay tuned to find out how i develop and better myself in the cake world :)

Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx


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