Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Crappy Work Diet This Week! - But i loved every minute of it.

OK, your all shaking your heads at me going "oh sunny, will you ever learn?" but the answer is probably no!

Wednesday Lunch and a combination of laziness and an empty fridge result in a sausage roll from Michel's patisserie. Good old Michel's catering to all my fast food needs!

Thursday meant buying up big on multi vitamins... I have a thing called gout (no its not just for old Lady's its hereditary!) which means my body cant process uric acid which is found mostly in red wine, red meat and seafood. Therefore i don't get much Iron and Omega 3 at all. So.... introducing the woman's multi vitamin! The down side is that they are like horse pills! absolutely massive! Next on the list was some berrocca to give me back my B-B-Bounce! And because my lack of iron makes me very lethargic and without much energy some days. Hmm tropical flavour!

Fridays lunch was bacon and mushroom tortellini from the place down stairs who uses environmentally friendly take away bags... or so it says! We had a few drinks the night before so it was definitely what i needed to get me through the afternoon!

And of course, the watter bottle i told you about. I like red and thought this would look good on my desk. a whole $1.50 at the reject shop! Hopefully with the transformation challenge starting Monday it will get a work out this next month!

Anyway that's all for my bad eating at work this week!

Love and kisses on both cheeks,

Sunny xxx

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