Friday, 11 April 2008

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm, Melbourne

I am a lover of the small, red, seductive fruit we call a strawberry! My grandma used to cut up strawberries and dust on some icing sugar and we would all hoe in like there was no tomorrow! I have also had a few seductive nights with the little passion berries!
Therefore I am sure you all can understand my excitement when K says "Hey, you want to go to the strawberry farm?" yes yes YES I DO!

The front entrance... and a few random people in my way... all of them carrying arm fulls of strawberries.... i did consider just stealing theirs but i was far to curious and wanted to go inside.

Interesting that you can buy blueberry plants at a strawberry farm.... why don't they just call it a berry farm? huh?

Once you go into the farms HQ you have the option of the gift shop or cafe - i chose gift shop first where i picked up a nice strawberry jam... hmmm my favourite.

Here is the cafe - its where K and i had MASSIVE strawberry sundae's and i had a hot chocolate to balance out all that cold ice cream and topping. Hmmmmmm toppings.... (drools). This is also where they had their wine/liquor tasting. I tried most things - i cant help myself. All it costs is a gold coin donation to a good cause, and its always best to try before you buy. I ended up getting a strawberry port - which I'm saving for a special occasion and a Sparkling Strawberry Wine and oh my gosh i almost drank the whole bottle. I absolutely loved it!!

After you've stuffed yourself and have bought up big in the gift shop you have the option to just buy the strawberries or to pick your own. I obviously picked my own! It cost about $8.00 for a very large container full. You go out the front and down some well disguised paths and finally reach the actual strawberry farm! This was the first sigh we saw and thank god otherwise I would have been cramming those babies into my mouth dirt and bugs and all... or not. I, fortunately, have common sense.

Anyway this is the strawberry farm. Rows and rows of plump red strawberries. And you can see all the people foraging for strawberries to fill their baskets. Their were a lot of paddocks behind it which were strawberries they used to make the jams and wines and other goodies.

And here is our bounty! Gorgeous plump red strawberries! and a huge container full of them. We did get some pretty massive ones so the box looks smaller than it was! All around it was a fun day and we had a great time mucking around in the fields and helping each other out with our foraging! I encourage all you berry lovers to give it a shot! The name is so fitting too!
Corner Mornington-Flinders and Shands Road Main Ridge,
Victoria Australia 3928
Phone - +613 5989 4500
Fax - +613 5989 6263
Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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