Saturday, 19 April 2008

How to work a Dress

I am very committed to bringing back femininity. I love the way a dress makes you feel girly, sexy, flirty, free and of course lady-like. So in the interest of spreading the gospel here is something i whipped up to encourage you all to jump in and be fabulous!

A Night on The Town

Nothing beats rocking a little black dress, but to make sure you don't look like the 20 other girls who are wearing LBD's spice it up with some colour. Don't forget a scarf - because no one wants to be caught outside in a LBD in winter. I just LOVE the feminine lines of this dress... I'm only going to say this once MEN LIKE CURVES!!

Pink Lady

A new twist on a classic. Note the classic lines of the dress - high cut and A-line. Chuck on a beige trench and some gorgeous drool worthy beige heels and your already dripping with class. A few girly accessories like this rose ring and the quilted pink bag and your the picture of femininity.

Sunshine During Winter

I'm loving this umbrella and the combination of the bright bold colours. Nothing makes you feel better than wearing bright clothes on a dreary lazy day. To really warm up on a cold day whip on some opaque stockings and a bondage style belt (corset style as everyone else calls it!). Just remember - open toed shoes and stockings don't work. I don't care how popular it becomes - its still tacky.

Cleopatra Eat Your Heart Out

I'll be the first to admit i love fancy dress in everyday life. In other words outfits that are inspired by a character/era/movie/cliche such as Cleopatra! note the masses of gold and green and arm bands. I love the neckline of this dress and its just SO perfect. Also don't forget matching nickers and a cocktail!

Child of the Fifties

Again, work the femininity in a big way. Pearls scream femininity no matter what. Love these heels from LAMB - Gwen Stephani - too bad they were $350.00!! The dainty jewellery sets the perfect scene... and a light pink dress just screams lady!

Child of the Sixties

Bright and flowing fabrics. work this as a mini dress and pile on the bright colours! Ready for a freak out yet?

If i were a princess...

This is totally what i would wear to my ball. Again, I'm in love with this umbrella! And the tiara is so Anastasia that it makes me squirm. Pair it with an elegant up-do or a half up half down with curls look. Throw in a shrug to keep your dainty princess shoulders warm and your ready to go. (I also threw in some orbit mints just in case you meet prince charming!)

Love and kisses on both cheeks,

Sunny xxx

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