Saturday, 1 March 2008

Eyelash Extensions - Friend or Foe?

Hey lovelies!

I have been getting eyelash extensions for about 6 months now. Eyelash extensions are the newest IT thing and EVERYONE has them at the moment (celebrity-wise that is) from J-Lo's mink extensions to Dita Von Teese's sexy retro inspired extensions.
I have wanted them for ages and I spent about a month researching them before Iactually went for it. But this was harder than I thought as not many places in Australia do eyelash extensions (why wasn't I born in Japan or Korea??WHY???).
I found helpful reviews on the vogue forums and a few other random places but nothing hugely substantial. Anyway I thought I would provide some insight for those wanting to get the gorgeous look of luscious lashes!
Anyway I searched around until I found Karen who works from her home in Gordon. I sent her an email and asked her loads and loads of questions (as I had visions of walking out with either no eyelashes whatsoever or lash's that made me look like a clown!). She was very patient and went through everything with me.
I turned up at Karen's home for my first extensions experience. She was lovely and I got along with her really well. She led me into her home salon which was very clean and tidy (which is what you should look for in a beauty salon or any where that gives you a beauty treatment) and told me to lay down on the salon bed.
She then got to work tinting my eyelash's first so the extensions would blend with them perfectly. She attaches each individual lash separately and it feels slightly like someone is playing with your eyelashes but mostly I felt nothing.
In total it took about 2 hours as it was my first time. I got the glamour set which was $150.00 but the usual set only costs $100.00. Infills cost me $50.00 and I get them dome every two - three weeks (but this really depends on how fast your eyelash's fall out). The extensions come in 3 sizes - short, medium and long. I get long because I love the retro glam look!
The end result was gorgeous and I felt like a million dollars! people always comment on how gorgeous my lashes are and I knowingly thank them and give myself a pat on the back for thinking of getting them done!
The upkeep isn't too bad in my opinion. I use a special mascara and makeup remover as they advise against using anything oil-based on the lash's, as it somehow affects the glue. The mascara set me back $30.00 and the make up remover about $25.00. they can bend to a funny direction if I sleep on them funny and if your one of those people who constantly rub your eyes you may not like them as much as they do feel slightly stiffer than normal lash's. I had no problem with them though and I haven't met anyone else who has.
Karen also provides other beauty services - she's my eyebrow guru at the moment! She has a legion of fans that trek all the way to Gordon from far away places to see her but she can always make room for a new client. Her web page is but I would encourage you to speak to any beauty therapist before deciding to choose.
Feel free to share past beauty experiences and I'd love to hear other peoples reviews of their extensions! Oh and here is a picture of mine - it was taken a little while ago but you get the gist!

Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx


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your new blog is so cute! love the pink :) and your fun tone...

Sunny said...

Thanks sooo much! im all new to this so im hoping it will all come to me in a dream! hahaha

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