Saturday, 1 March 2008

Welcome to Sunnyland

Welcome all you gorgeous people!

Today is the official opening of Sunnyland - a place where there are no strangers and everyone is welcome.
The main focus of Sunnyland community is to provide a wonderful forum for us all to share our knowledge and help each other out. I have, on more than one occasion, gone to a few of my internet idols to lap up their advice and lifestyle... i ony hope that i can pass it all on to you lovely citizens!
For a peek at who inspires me take a look at my "While out of town..." section. Lots of places for you all to holiday!
I hope you enjoy your stay at Sunnyland and let me know how i can make your stay more comfortable.
I look forward to seeing you all around the village!

Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx


~MayaMi~ said...

I love Sunnyland!

So much so im going to be fan and am inspired to make my own blog. I mean, i love facebook, but don't find it a very good platform for uploading diary like blogs!~

Spreading the love

Love ur friend in fashion, friendship and food (!!) always,


mad-es said...

Saw your thingo on facebook and thought i'd take a look at the world of Sunny :P
Loving Sunnyland babe!
keep it coming!
xx Madi