Saturday, 8 March 2008

Lazy Saturdays

Its Saturday morning and I'm sitting at my desk in my PJ's watching cartoons. Yes, you would think i was 5. I also happen to be eating left over pizza for breakfast - a sin I'm guilty for whenever we get pizza which is quite rarely. The flavour is Toni pepperoni and a piece of leftover garlic bread. I bet my partner is thrilled about garlic breath :)

I love it. There is something about a lazy weekend that melts my heart! The thought of not rushing anywhere or doing anything of great importance is sooo relaxing. You'll often find me on a Saturday rushing around to all my beauty appointments (I'm a tiny bit of a workaholic and therefore never have time on a weekday!) which are usually never near my home and at ungodly hours when they have a free spot. I do love to get my beauty treatments i find it very soothing and confidence boosting (come on girls, how much does a great hair colour perk up your day!) but its also quite nice slouching around without make-up on!

Therefore this weekend will probably consist of cleaning and washing and eating yummy cooked goods (my work mates have been bugging me for brownies but it seems unlikely they will make it past my family!).

With Easter also coming up i have been booking my flights to Melbourne (it feels i am always in Melbourne and i absolutely HATE flying!) and trying to figure out exactly how early you can buy the eggs. A week before? A month before? what if they melt on a hot day? If i put them in the fridge will they get white marks? Lindt or Cadbury????? so many chocolate related questions... hmmm chocolate... perhaps a chocolate mousse would go down well this weekend?

Back on the topic - lazy Saturday (as apposed to a lazy Sunday) is my day of catching up on everything i let slip over the past fortnight like my bills that haven't been filed or my room that needs a good vacuum! Well... enough procrastination. Time to get my clean on :)

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Love and kisses on both cheeks,

Sunny xxx

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