Friday, 7 March 2008

I am a big sook + Nose bling Luurve

OK, strange way to start a post i know but yesterday evening i got my nose pierced. Let me tell you the story.....

It started as a lovely night of late night shopping with one of my BFF's Maya. We were laughing and enjoying the night markets and some killer deals like our matching gorgeous scarves!! (Your thinking MATCHING??! but yes, matching. It was such a gorgeous scarf for such a good price we jumped in to the tweedle-dee tweedle-dum part of our friendship and took the plunge!).

ANYWAY.... we were happily strolling through the shops when my girlfriend from work Em sent me a message saying she had gotten her nose pierced, naturally i screamed "stay exactly where you are we are coming to see what it looks like!" Away we ran to Starbucks to see her new nose bling. Needless to say it looked great as she is gorgeous and could wear a potato sack like a pro.

Somehow in the next 30 seconds my friend Maya and my work mates convinced me to get my nose pierced. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good nose ring but i am freakishly afraid of needles, bugs and anything to do with pain. I am the biggest sook ever! Probably not the best seeing as i live in the country holding nearly every one of the worlds most deadliest animals, insects and crawly things.

Anyway my friend Em is a big fat liar. She told me it was a small prick. liar liar liar is all i have to say! hahaha.

The lady told me to lay down on the bed (OK, that should have been a giveaway!) and then goes "I'm going to put this big cold metal tube into your nose" naturally i said yes. The rest i cant really describe because my eyes were shut tightly and my hands were grabbing the sides of the doctor-like examination table. OH MY GOSH that needle hurts!!! I obviously swore like a sailor and was later told my pain was as obvious as Michael Jackson's plastic surgery.

Then i thought to myself "its OK, the worst is over, we can make it through this!" she tells me that there will be some very slight uncomfortableness as she threads in the stud. Slight uncomfortableness my ass!!!! it was as painful as the piercing! Can you see why i am the worlds biggest sook now? i bet your nodding your head and agreeing with my childishness! LOL

In the end it looks great and feels a bit like i have something in my nose and still a bit tender. I love it! its very 'me' i think. Honourable mention goes to Lord of the Jewels in Chatswood Westfield where i got it done. The lady was extremely nice and was cracking up laughing at my screaming and scardycat-ness! They also had a great range of rings to buy that were crazily well priced and gorgeous. My favourite is the crystal star that is oh so tiny yet so sparkly! i will be paying the $5.00 for one of these after my six weeks of pain is up hahaha.

Hmmm my new major Idol and also nose-bling-love mentor is Joss Stone - I love everything about her and think she is fabulous. Funny Fact: Victoria Beckham mentions a fashion no-no in her book when she wore a dress that was way to small for her and it burst open in the bathrooms and all of a sudden someone came to her rescue with safety pins and fixed her up, when she looked behind her it turned out it was JOSS STONE! see- she really is awesome... and I'm so obsessed with her hair!
PS. I also had a scone afterwards... i just had to mention how much i love warm scones with strawberry jam and cream... melt in your mouth goodness! It so made the pain worth it...
Love and Kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx


Joanna Goddard said...

i love nose bling! awesome for you:)

BeautyTalk said...

I've been considering getting one for three years now. I'm Indian so almost all my friends have it and I feel left out :(

Sunny said...

I was totally in the same boat. I considered getting one since i was about 17. Hey it looks especially great with indian skin so i think you should go for it!