Saturday, 8 March 2008

Food i am absolutely LOVING right now!

1. Bags of lollies. My grandfather came over today and bought me a big bag of lollies from his trip to Melbourne. God bless him and his lolly hunting skills. The way to my heart is definitely through lollies - more specifically: Smarties, Pineapples, Strawberry & Cream's, Banana's and jersey caramels. Anything in that list that may have sounded like a fruit is most definitely not. Please do not turn up to my house with baskets of banana's and pineapples- they wont get the same reaction!

2. My Carbonara Pasta. Seriously its death by cream and god is it good. Always a winner when it comes to easy-peasy dinners and i promise you all next time i cook it i will definitely put up pictures and the recipe.

3. My killer baked potato's. No where will you find a crunchier potato that is still so moist on the inside. This one is a favourite with my partner for good reason. Its a must when it comes to comfort food!!

4. Pizza. As previously mentioned i had pepperoni pizza for dinner last nights dinner compliments of my chef Loving their cheesy garlic bread at the moment!

5. Uncle Toby's Heathwise Digestive Yogurt (strawberry). Its supposed to be good for me. I haven't noticed anything new going on with my digestion but i have noticed it is totally yummers. PS. Strawberry is always the best flavour!!

6. Aunty Rina's mince & cheese toasted sandwiches. OK, so she's not actually MY aunt, she' my partners aunt but still, that woman can toast a sandwich. Most of her food has an Indian influence in it and she makes this delicious spiced beef mince and toasts leftovers in sandwiches with those old-school cheese slices (we used to call them plastic cheese at school!) and it is like 'So You Think You Can Dance' in your mouth. In other words.... freaking awesome.

7. My mums tomato sour cream chicken. Just brilliant. She makes it so tasty and goes down well after a hard day at the office!

8. Last but seriously the best... SCONES! there is a debate in my office at the moment on whether you should say them as sc-own-s or sc-on-s. Its quite a difference apparently! Scones with cream and strawberry jam is my most loved food group at this point in time.

EAT EAT EAT! and be merry of course!

Love and Kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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