Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Morning Pre-Work Make-Up Regime

I am always in a rush due to my love of a warm bed and sleep. So consequently i almost always end up doing my make-up on the train on the way to work. Its about a forty minute trip and i usually have it done in about 10 minutes give or take how awake i am!

I start off with my moisturiser - I use OLAY Complete Defence SPF30+ Daily UV Moisturising Lotion (75ml - for normal skin but it also comes in sensitive skin). I love the fact that this has SPF30+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection as being as fair as i am you get an appreciation for sunscreen! I really like it as its light, non-greasy formula with vitamin E, aloe and green tea extract absorbs quickly into your skin to replenish moisture, without leaving skin greasy. I have had many trials and tribulations with moisturisers but this one is a keeper. It is definitely light enough to use everyday and never too heavy. I use it all year round (as the sun's harmful rays can burn you just as much in winter as it can in summer) and i have had no problems with it.

Step 1: Apply moisturiser liberally to face making sure you don't forget the neck and decolletage and of course don't forget your ears and behind your ears. Wait at least 1 minute before applying next layer to give the moisturiser time to soak in.

Next is my Primer. I use Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot. Scientifically formulated to allow your makeup to “automatically” glide over the skin, Auto Pilot helps to prime and soothe the complexion for that flawless finish and helps makeup last even longer. I also find it very hydrating.
Step 2: Apply a thin layer of primer to skin covering all areas covered with moisturiser excepting ears on this one. Remember with a good primer a little will always go a long way. Wait at least one minute before putting on next layer to allow primer to do its job and give you a smooth base.
Next is your green concealer (if you have red skin or are prone to looking a la tomato like me). I use a cover girl green concealer which is in lipstick style packaging. I haven't as yet found one green concealer better than any others but i do know Napoleon Perdis has one, as does most other large makeup brands.
Step 3: Use your fingers or a sponge to conceal your reddest part, for me its my cheeks and the sides of my nose. Don't worry that your face is green, it wont show under your makeup. I use quite a thin layer as i hate that 'caked on' look. Also, a quick note that green concealer can show up under black lights looking like bruising. So avoid it when going to raves or possibly disco bowling :) And again wait a good minute or two to let it grab hold of your skin.

Finally we reach foundation. I use Napoleon Perdis Minimal Make-up in Look B1. I have mountains of trouble with foundations as my skin is so fair. Finally i went into a NP store and asked if they had anything that could match. Believe it or not they did. It was love at first sight from the first moment i looked in the mirror. Its a barely-there foundation that gives a light flawless coverage that doesn't appear cakey. Perfect!

Step 4: Use either a brush or sponge ( i would very much advise against fingers as it tends to lend an extra oiliness to your foundation and you also get yucky hands afterwards!) to cover your face evenly all the way down to the base of your neck and slightly behind your ears. Take your time and do it right. Also try and apply it somewhere with natural light or at least good light so you can see where the make up cakes or clumps and needs to be smoothed out. Once you have done this wait a good two minutes at least for it to smooth into the shape of your face. And that also gives you a couple minutes to make sure its perfect. I cannot stress enough the importance of BLENDING!!!

Now is a great time to apply your skin coloured concealers. I also wait until now to apply my yellow concealer under my eyes to avoid any bags or purple-ness that appears and also to apply some extra coverage in a tone matching your skin to red areas and pimples, zits etc. I use Napoleon Perdis Pro Palette Concealer. I find this to be quite good but i haven't tried a huge amount of others before. But it has three colours - a yellow tinged one which i use under my eyes and dark and light tinged palettes with the idea that you can use them to blend the right colour for you anytime of the year no matter how tanned or fair you are.

Step 5: smooth a little yellow over purple under eyes or puffy under eyes. Smooth some concealer mixed to match your skin colour over any nasty things you want to hide!

After the crucial concealing step i use a great pressed powder. Its Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish in Look 3 (Look 3 is fabulous for anyone with the above mentioned redness as it has a green under colour). Its a silk-finish powder foundation compact 3-in-1 that conceals, covers and sets. Me and a couple girls have spent our lunches preaching the gospel of this product. It is great for days when you don't want to wear makeup but you do have to venture out of the house. I simply put on some camera finish, lip gloss and big sunnies and I'm ready!

Step 6: Using a large brush - I prefer NP's bronzing brush as its lasted me ages and it very rarely sheds - pick up some pressed powder and apply evenly over foundation. I like to bring it all the way down to where my top starts (usually showing some cleavage) to make the foundation look less obvious. Make sure you have given yourself a nice even coverage just as you did when putting on your foundation.

OK so we are almost done now. The rest are kind of extras you can choose and change at your own pace. I like to include:

Step 7: Apply your YSL Touche Eclat in two small triangles under your eyes. Then blend using a finger up to your eye line and down about a quarter way of your cheek.

Most people use their YSL Touche Eclat completely wrong! do not use it as a concealer unless you have perfect skin as it is too thin. Its an illuminator not actually a concealer. Use it after your pressed powder and it will illuminate your whole under eye area. Trust me you will end up loving it just as i did! For a more in depth explanation check out how Fruit Beauty explained it at and check November posts.
I finish my make-up look off with some liner and a lavender eyeshadow to bring out my fair eyes and some of my fav gloss and liner from Face of Australia. Its a steal at something like $3.50 or something equally crazy. My shade of love is Jasmine (lip gloss pot and liner) i bought mine from priceline. I'm not a huge fan of blush on myself but that's just me.

Anyway go wild with your make up and try something new! Also a huge encouragement to go and try makeup before purchase!

Quick Note: Napoleon Perdis has a store at Hornsby where i find the service appalling. The girls would much rather talk to their friends on the phone/in the store than serve you even if your the only person in the store. However Chatswood NP girls are MEGA helpful and great. Also Hornsby DJ's has a great NP counter - talk to Kat there and she will hook you up with a gorgeous new style.

Happy shopping Sunnylanders...
Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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