Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gumboot Revival

Gumboots? you say. Yes gumboots. In all their plastic glory.

The brilliant idea of making gumboots fashionable again came to me on many of the wet days this summer (stupid global warming and its unpredictable weather) when i was walking along with frozen feet in my latest pair of ballet flats that had been ruined by the rain.

Thinking back one day on how many pairs of flats I've had made me realise the only reason I've ever thrown out a pair is because they were heart-breakingly destroyed by puddles of mass destruction!!!
Ergo, cue the gumboots. I'm looking forward to a winter of dry feet and un-destroyed shoes. Its gonna be great. My favourites (that i had found AGES ago and decided i would one day buy when my funds were more promising) are these two from

See how cute they would be to wear to work? Upon googling the topic i found some other related links. New Woman magazine (AS) had this on their web page. I also found an online department store called puddle beach (oddly fitting!) which had quite a range of them.
So i encourage you all go forth and preach the gospel of the Gumboot! and pray for a dryer winter than the summer just passed!
Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

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