Monday, 17 March 2008

Wish List

1st wish list!! Wish list is a list of things i want madly truly deeply!!! Enjoy!

1. Fish Bubbles Wall Mountable Fish Bowl Tank 3.6L - seriously, how cool is it? i used to have a Siamese Fighting Fish and that would have been the most awesomest tank. Unfortunately, i am so lazy/busy i would never get time to clean it!

2. Bakers Edge Brownie Pan - everyone loves the edge of the brownie.

3. Victoria's Secret Naughty Products - i want want want all their Booty Parlour range with: add magic lube, Kissable body shimmer and play with me massage oil. LOVE the discreet packaging!

4. These Steve Madden Shoes - In black white multi. Its so 20's that it makes me squirm with delight!

5. Baby girl Boutique - cute rockabilly cream sweater. Would love to be able to wear it like the model. Plus these cute panties.

6. Dermalogica Total Eye Care - gotta look after those lovely eyes ladies! Don't want to get to 50 and look 80!

Love and kisses on both cheeks,
Sunny xxx

1 comment:

~Maya~ said...

Yes Steve Madden is hotty hot hot!

Hope ur having fun in Melbourne while im all alone and SAD in Sydney! :(

Boys are stupid. That is my new motto. I mean, how hard can it be??


i need to ask u something about something when u get back...remind me