Monday, 10 March 2008

Marlboro Man's Second Favourite Sandwich

I'd like to inform you all that i am a legend.
I am a legend because I actually made dinner today! I was horrendously tired after work and wanted more than anything to curl up in front of the TV. But what did i do instead? I made a detour to Coles and bought the ingredients i didn't already have in my cupboard. I then lugged it all back home on the train and on the walk home from the train station while dodging spider webs. Pure legend material!
But the real hero of this story is Marlboro Man's Second Favourite Sandwich. My god was it good!!! I used fresh foccacia bread (By fresh i mean freshly bought from Coles not fresh from my oven!) and dijonaise sauce. I also used Jarlsberg cheese and nibbled at it the whole time!
I would seriously recommend this recipe and it was so quick and easy. It took me about half an hour from putting the bag of groceries on the table - which is saying something when your me!! (I'm a bit pedantic about my cooking and it stresses K out all the time!) Either way it was so good i could only take one or two pictures before the scent won me over!

^ Here is a snap of my stove top - That's the chicken after i just put it in the pan and to the side you can see my cooked bacon (mmm bacon) and my No Frills Cooking Oil Spray - what can i say, I'm all class :)

^ Here is the chicken half cooked - i had just put on the bacon and Jarlsberg cheese. Please note that my pan isn't as filthy as it looks! it is the grime created by the lemon & pepper seasoning and the bacon. Don't worry though, If you wash your pan after your done (or wait maybe 10 minutes like i did - the amount of time it takes to eat this yummy dinner!) than you wont have any problems cleaning the pan.

^ Voila! My Marlboro Man's Second Favourite Sandwich on Foccacia with Jarlsberg. Pure genius! This is my favourite sandwich now! So i say to you, go forth and cook sandwiches!!

Love and Kisses on both cheeks,

Sunny xxx

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Angel said...

Looks so tasty and delicious!